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Album review: Cayucas’ “Dancing At The Blue Lagoon”

To me, the distinguishing factor between good music and great music is that listening to good music is an action, but listening to great music is an experience. Cayucas’ new album, “Dancning At The Blue Lagoon,” was released Tuesday and is precisely that.

The first thing I noticed was how the cool, beachy aesthetic of the album cover matched the music, featuring a shot of palm trees and blue skies. There are 9 tracks on the album, and in my opinion, the album is most enjoyable when listened to in order. “Big Winter Jacket,” the first track, opens with a long somber note of strings and then leads into a spunkier piano riff. As the album progressed, it gave me laid-back surfer type vibes, and sounded somewhat comparable to Young The Giant. All of the lyrics were clever and well written. Other highlights included the track “Moony Eyed Walrus,” which is not only a fun, feel good track but is also currently available on iTunes for free. My personal favorite track on the album is “Dancing At The Blue Lagoon” because of it’s cutesy lyrics, and relaxed and tropical feel.

Overall, “Dancing At The Blue Lagoon” is certainly one of the albums of the summer, and I won’t be surprised to start hearing it on the radio soon. Good work, Cayucas.

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